How to join membership?

  • Icy Grocery
  • May 5, 2013 6:02 pm

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Icy Tundra Grocery & Gourmet Food depot


  1. Joing membership in grocery depot is free all the time.
  2. Just go to register / submit menu enter name & email ids. other info are optional
  3. A shopper need not be a member
  4. A member not necessary to be a shopper
  5. Also subscribe through Navayan subscribe option at the left side of navigation menu.
  6. shoppers / members when shop any goods  get free listing in classifieds , video classifieds or real estate listings
  7. has healthcare, grocery, art craft,baby beauty and sports outlets. Your subscription here is applicable only for grocery depot.
  8. Separate subscription required for each store. It is free to join in multiple stores

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